Automatic Channel Separation

Chroma, images separation software, is ideal for digital and traditional printing. It offers different separation methods to add channels to a list. Each of these methods is designed for different types of coloration. Its preview, immediate and truthful, allows the correction or export in TIFF or PSD, and with the open format it is possible to continue at any time the process of modification or cleaning. As well as, through direct access to Color Instinct, apply a variation or the simple replacement of a color required by the customer without losing any effect present in the original RGB. In the case of traditional printing, for this process it is necessary to previously have a raster, which can be produced in the screen module.

Color Management

ATLSync is a software developed for color management in digital textile production. It adapts to all workflows in a completely transparent manner. Through a simple parameterization of a few minutes, ATLSync works in the background, intercepting images intended for Rip, automatically modifying its characteristics, correcting imperfections and any differences found in profiles and control variables of the process in order to unify the printing result. The control performed on top of the current process allows you to calibrate the Rip or the profile in use without modifying anything else, so current or past jobs files are safe.

Color Formulation { Colormix }

Colormix is a software to formulate color recipes for production in conventional printing. This system accelerates the preparation, optimizes the quality of the result and, most importantly, verifies the cost of production of the colors.It was developed with mathematical formulas internationally recognized for its efficiency; therefore, it is able to obtain an exact calculation and instantly generate several combinations of recipes, ordered by Delta, Metamerism and cost.

RIP For Raster Application

Screen is a RIP developed for the application of screen printing in traditional printing. Through a selection of special raster with different structures and line screens, Screen allows you to take full advantage of any engraving technology. It makes possible to create infinite configurations, and master the different machines or engraving techniques, optimizes line screens and the result in the different substrates. Your graphic creation will finally correspond between the desired gray tone and the printed raster.

CMYK Automatic Seperation

It works with RGB images, generated by any graphic or painting system, and its system will automatically separate it into the CMYK or CMYK + Light colors. Once you get Make Raster just one click will be enough to separate your image in channels adjust to your profile and get it ready for engraving.

Colourways Generation

Color Instinct, was born more than 20 years ago. It was conceived to accelerate and eliminate manual sampling. Today it is a reference for many industries worldwide due to its efficiency. Its quality reproducing colors, the reliability of overlap tones simulated by its spectral formula and the possibility of simulating engraving problems, diffusions, or production defects makes Color Instinct more than a basic tool to develop and manage color variants, going beyond, it generates realistic samples for traditional printing.